Video Newsletter Gets The Clicks

Fact, according to a Radicati Group’s February 2017 study, the number of worldwide email users by the end of 2021 will exceed 4.1 billion. Today, approximately half of the world’s population uses email.

Great news. And not so great news.

Great because email is a prime medium for prospecting, reaching your customer base, and building a network.

Not so great because getting read is even more challenging.

So how do you get the open? How do you get your message across in jam packed Inboxes?

The Inbox Dilemma

Think about your Inbox. Are you using the Preview feature?

 Here’s a stat: 84% of people 18-34 use an email preview pane according to

 What this means is you have 2-3 lines of text to grab their attention to open the email.

 What about the subject line?

 If it is uninteresting, sounds spammy, or gives the least bit of impression it is spam, your email will likely not be opened. Worse, it might get tagged as spam.

 Long subject lines are not good either. One study suggests subject lines of 5 words or less increases the open rate by 50%.

Why Video Newsletters Are Opened

Video newsletters get opened because the email is not the content. The content, what you want your readers to see, is in the newsletter.

 What is in the email:

1. Exciting Subject Line

2. Two to three lines why the reader should open the newsletter

3. The link to your newsletter

4. Your Signature line

 In other words, if all your reader sees is what is in the preview pane, that is enough. The link to your newsletter can be clicked right from the preview pan

When distributing your e-news, you are not looking for email opens. Your goal is to have your newsletter link clicked. The sizzle is in the email. The newsletter is the steak!

Get Started Today

Capturing the attention of your readers is tough. No one e-marketing tool is the silver bullet. The power behind video newsletters is that you have ample opportunity to repurpose it into multi-marketing venues.

A well written video newsletter is the foundation for a video on Youtube, blog post, and social media content. Plus the launch pad for interaction with your network.