Monetize web presence? Why do Super Bowl ads work? And what do they have to do with creating an online monetized web presence?

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Not All Platforms Monetize Web Presence Super Bowl Style

Let me hit you where it hurts.

Super Bowl ads range six-to-seven figures. They require a team of creative, artistic, marketing geniuses.

That is not you! You don’t have six to seven figures and you are likely not a creative, artistic, marketing genius.

So what, you say. I already know that.

Here’s the pain when it comes to monetize web presence for big bucks.

Solo Build It! Case Studies

A recent Super Bowl ad showed supermodel Karlie Kloss promoting the website-building platform Wix …

Create a personal website that looks stunning… Update it, keep it fresh whenever you want — it instantly gives my site a whole new look. It looks amazing. Wix

Can it be that easy? Did Wix make Karlie Kloss a sensation?

Not likely!

So what’s the rub? Could a web-platform like Wix turn you into a monetized, take it to the bank celebrity?

It could, if you were a Karlie Kloss who busted her butt working diligently to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel for several years. It could if you had the following that Karlie Kloss has.

Reality check. You are not Ms. Kloss. You have likely not burned the midnight oil as she has done to be who she is today.

And, the ad she promoted, it was just that a paid gig.

Why Not Wix to Monetize Web Presence

First, let me be clear. There is nothing wrong with Wix. Just as it promises, you can create a blog or a website. You can include images. And, you can do it pretty quick.

But that’s where it ends.

Setting up a website or creating a blog is the easy part. The nuts’n’bolts of a successful website or blog starts way before launching your site. Unfortunately, this reality gets overlooked in ads like Wix’s Super Bowl proposition.

Consider this, if you were developing a widget, would you not want to know if there is a market for it before building a production facility?

And once you determine there is a niche for your widget, would you not want to know how you will attract buyers?

The same truths hold for creating a web presence. Who is your niche market? How will you attract them to your website? How will interest be created so once readers do land on your site they stay?

That’s where Wix and similar platforms fail you. Pie in the sky expectations.

By-the-way, could someone have a fully monetized website or blog up and running in a few days using a platform like Wix?


But the skill level required to achieve that is far from where most people start.

And that is the real pain! Being led to believe that earning big bucks by throwing up a blog or website with awesome graphics is all that’s required.

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